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The Gloucester Business Circle


We are a non-profit making members only Business Network made up from professional people running companies in Gloucester. We get together to support each other and discuss business issues and the local economy.

Membership is free and by invitation only


We will be announcing our members only meeting in the Shortly

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Five Things To Do Before Writing Your Business Plan

Five Things To Do Before Writing Your Business Plan Starting a new business comes with hurdles; being prepared for those hurdles—and trying to get ahead of them—can decrease the impact they have on your business. An important step in preparing for the challenges that...

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Can An Employer Ask About Age?

Can An Employer Ask About Age? If a job candidate is googling this question after a job interview at your company, you may be headed for trouble. The Equality Act exists to prevent businesses from hiring or not hiring based on personal characteristics that are not...

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Mistakes when Starting a New Business

Here are a few common Mistakes when Starting a New Business Starting up a new business can often be hard work with things like creating a business plan, finding business premises, advertising, employees and of course raising finance. Have a Clear Business Model To...

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Go fund yourself

So you have your business idea. Your products and services are desperately straining at the leash waiting to get out there and make you some money. You have done your research and you know that there is a gap in the market wide enough for your business to succeed. But...

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Need a NED? (non-executive director)

Is a NED the best kept secret of a successful business? Many people will have heard of the term non-executive director (NED) but few fully understand what they are, much less what they can potentially do for a small or growing business. It's assumed by many small...

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A Successful Working Day Running your Business

Here are a few things that will help you have a successful working day A Successful Working Day - Step back and reflect: It's important to take a moment to look at the big picture. It's easy to jump in head first. Look at the larger goals in order to better prioritise...

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Business Start Up

Business Start Up Being your own boss can be satisfying and rewarding, however before you jump in with both feet you need to follow a few simple points The Idea You need to think of an idea for your business, something different and unique and you need to think about...

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Choosing a Business Name

When doing the research for your new business name you will need to think carefully for both legal and marketing purposes. A great name could prove to be your most powerful branding tool, so naming your business requires a lot of consideration. What's in a name? The...

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Small Business Marketing Ideas

Here are a few Small Business Marketing Ideas. As a small business owner you may not have the resources of a large brand. However you can still make a strong impact with targeted and creative ideas that will both help you to get your business in front of new potential...

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